• iCloud Sync
    Sync with iOS devices and other Mac computers.
    Rest assured your passwords are safely stored on Apple's servers in encrypted form.

    Password Safe compatible
    Compatible with the 10 years old open source project Password Safe and software for many different platforms.

  • Generates strong passwords
    Generates very long and complex password so that no one will break into yours accounts by brute-forcing them.

    Per account password policy
    You can have specific password policies for any account, so that you can accomodate password generation requirements for any app or website.

  • Password History
    Keep a copy of your old passwords for audit and security purposes.

    Multiple safes supports
    You can have as many safes as you wish. One shared with your co-workers, another one with your family and a third one private. Or even more.

  • iPhone and iPad app
    pwSafe is also available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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